The eSports Strategy Game That Can Make You the Most Money is Not What You Think!

The eSports Strategy Game That Can Make You the Most Money is Not What You Think!

The eSports Strategy Game That Can Make You the Most Money is Not What You Think!

 A new interactive tool created by EsportsBets ranks the different genres of esports, such as fighting games and real-time strategy games, by the amount of money available as a prize, plus many other factors. It also breaks down each genre by the games it includes, which can also be ranked and delved into further.  

Ready to have many of your esports preconceptions broken?

New research by EsportsBets has revealed that many games often overlooked in the esports industry are actually the most lucrative to compete in – and some of the most popular games don’t have the money in them that you’d expect! 

For instance, Super Smash Bros Melee has more prize money in it than a traditional fighting game like Street Fighter or Tekken.

Total Prize Money:

  • SSBM: $2,438,943
  • Street Fighter V: $1,395,571
  • Mortal Kombat X: $523,052

However, in terms of prize money available per professional player, Street Fighter V takes the lead, with $7,230.94 the average amount available for each competing pro.


South Korean Strategy is Unrivalled 

The extensive research behind the tool has proven South Korean esports players to be unparalleled in terms of real-time strategy games. South Korea is the best country by prize money won, and home to the top player in every game of that genre:

  • Starcraft II - Min Chui Jang (MC)
  • Warcraft III: The Frozen Zone – Jae Ho Jang (MOON)
  • Starcraft: Brood War – Young Ho Lee (FLASH)
  • Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings – Byung Geon Kang (IAMGRUNT)

The racing game, Kartrider, is the second most popular racing esports game in the world, but interestingly it is only played in South Korea. This shows just how great the enormous contribution is that South Korea is providing to the esports industry. 


The Underdogs of eSports

Surprisingly, EsportsBets’ data has shown that the most popular – and rewarding – games are rarely the mainstream ones. Counter-Strike and Overwatch trump games most people outside gaming circles would think of as the popular ones, such as Call of Duty, FIFA and FORZA.

Popularity by Twitch Streamers:

  • CS:GO – 49,697
  • Overwatch – 27,719
  • FIFA – 7,107
  • Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare – 2,168
  • FORZA - 0

To find out more about eSports and make your own discoveries, find the interactive tool here.



Games selected were those with the highest amounts of prize money awarded. The top country, top teams and top player metrics all correspond to who has earnt the most through the sport in competitions. Viewership reflects only the viewership figures on Twitch that we could access. Totals for each genre have been taken only from the games included in the tool.