Successful NYC Restaurateur

Albert Allaham Damascus Kosher New York City Restaurateur Successful NYC Restaurateur

Successful NYC Restaurateur

Albert Allaham, NYC restaurateur that immigrated from Damascus, Syria in 1999 at age 13, and is now at the helm of New York's largest and most lucrative kosher restaurant, Reserve Cut, a popular destination attracting guests from Mexico and beyond.
Albert recognized a need for kosher fine dining in Manhattan and opened Reserve Cut in 2013. As Kosher dining in New York continues to grow in popularity, with 300 kosher restaurants currently operating, Reserve Cut is thriving – serving as many as 400 guests each night during dinner service.
The expanding demand and interest in kosher dining has helped Albert's business grow, as the restaurant surpasses $10 million in revenue annually – due to the fact that 70% of Reserve Cut's clientele does not keep kosher.

Albert Allaham at Reserve Cut

Albert aging the restaurant's meat
Reserve Cut


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