3 Ways to Explore New York’s Cultural Art Scene

3 Ways to Explore New York’s Cultural Art Scene Art Scene New York

3 Ways to Explore New York’s Cultural Art Scene


  1.  Play a Piano:

Creativity is alive and well again this year as hand painted pianos grace various neighborhoods inviting anyone to sit down and play!  You don’t need to be Judy Garland or Fred Astaire to sing Irving Berlin’s 1915 hit song “I Love A Piano”! This annual event brings joy to everyone.

Sing for Hope: 52 Piano’s Take Center Stage Monday, June 5 – Saturday, June 25, 2017

Sing for Hope is an organization that brings the arts to everyone!  Stroll various neighborhoods and see the artist-designed pianos throughout NYC’s parks and public spaces for anyone and everyone to play. It’s art for the eye and art for the ear!

For three weeks this June, the pianos will bring individuals and communities together in an open festival of art for all. After their time on the streets, Sing for Hope will transport the instruments to NYC public schools, where they will become hubs for Sing for Hope’s ongoing creative programs and enrich students’ lives for years to come.

This year, Sing for Hope will place its 400th unique piano artwork in the five boroughs, making NYC host to more street pianos than any other city in the world. As New York City’s largest recurring public art project in NYC, the Sing for Hope Pianos impacts an estimated 2 million people each year.

  1. Take a Graffiti Lesson

Graffiti Street Art Comes of Age

From the infamous street-art of the 1970’s and 1980’s, vibrant mural arts now brighten the rolling store front security gates of the Lower East Side, the industrial buildings in Bushwick, Brooklyn and the playgrounds in Harlem and The Bronx.  Color can brighten someone’s day and help them to feel happy.

  1. Explore the world of outdoor art and architecture!

Hunt for the Griffins and Gargoyles

Learn who created these wonderful pieces, what materials they used, why they adorn the buildings in New York City. Explore the neighborhoods with one of Discover New York’s art experts and licensed guides and discover who lives where, and why.  See stunning examples of decorative arts, including the fabulous facades of the buildings in New York from Federal to Greek Revival, to Italianate to Queen Anne, Beaux Arts, Art Deco, Post Modern, and the newest structures under construction today. Each is a work of art in its own time reflecting the craftsmanship and style of the day.

Our favorite locations for a variety of piano performances:

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